Vegan parents in local newspaper

Recently Vegan Parents Australia was contacted by the Monash Weekly (local newspaper from Victoria) as they were interested in doing a story about vegan parents, and were looking for vegan families from the Monash City Council area. As it happens, one of VPA’s founding families lives within this council so the interview was arranged and the article was published. We were very pleased with the end result, the article is very positive and will hopefully influence others. The story was promoted with a full front page photo which was great because it really grabbed peoples attention (unfortunately we don’t have this file). Feedback from the paper is that they had a very positive response including letters and even a phone call to congratulate the families on their lifestyle. Unfortunately the Monash Weekly has not put this article on their website, we had been told they were planning to, but as yet it has not appeared. So in case it never does we have got our hands on the pdf version! Click on the link below to see the article.


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