Tempeh “Better Than Chicken” Nuggets

Ingredients (makes 12 nuggets):

* 300g block of tempeh (unseasoned)

* 1 cup of Orgran Multigrain Crumbs with Quinoa

* 1 tsp of Massels Chicken-Style stock powder

* 1 cup of plain flour

* 1 cup of soy milk

* Rice bran oil for frying



* Cut the tempeh block into thirds, cutting horizontally across the tempeh. Cut each piece through the middle, making a thinner slice, ensuring you have 6 equal rectangular pieces of tempeh.

* Carefully cut two nugget shapes (similar to a kidney or a bean shape) out of each strip of tempeh. There will be some excess cut offs so discard of them or set aside to use for something else. You should have 12 nugget shapes at the end.

* In a shallow bowl, combine the crumbs and the chicken-style stock powder, making sure it is mixed well. In another shallow bowl, place the flour and in another shallow bowl put the soy milk in.

* Begin crumbing the nuggets by firstly coating them in flour, then the soy milk and lastly the crumb mixture. This order is very important! Once all the nuggets are crumbed, put in the fridge to chill for an hour.

* Heat up rice bran oil in a fry pan. Once the oil is hot, begin shallow frying the nuggets. They are ready once they are a golden colour. Make sure the oil is hot because if it isn’t, the nuggets will stick and the crumb coating will be ripped off.

* Serve with tomato sauce and enjoy!