Vegan Parents Australia is an organisation dedicated to bringing together and supporting vegan families by facilitating events and providing guidance, support and information.

Our Mission

∗ To provide opportunities for vegan parents to meet each other, develop friendships, and share experiences and knowledge.

∗ To provide opportunities for vegan children to meet each other and develop friendships. As vegan children are currently a minority, having some vegan friends is important so children have peers they can relate to when it comes to this aspect of their lives.

∗ To show the community how easy it is to raise healthy, well adjusted, socially aware, vegan children. By doing this we aim to normalise vegan parenting in the eyes of the general community and increase the number of people choosing to raise their children vegan.

∗ To provide general advice on raising vegan children to the community. Our sole focus is vegan parenting, we do not make judgements on other parenting issues, including, but not limited to attachment parenting and vaccinations.